To the Con in Vancouver

To the Vancouver Con..

Where should I begin to start on this long, but exciting story of yet another adventure of my life? At the beginning is a good place. Well I left Indianapolis Airport around 7 am on Sept 30th. I landed in Denver 2 hours later. Before heading to Vancouver I had planned to spend a few days with my girlfriend who is attending College there. I made my way through the airport and out to get my rental car. I especially enjoyed the car I got this time. I managed to get a new 2008 Chevy Cobalt in Indigo Blue. A lot better then the Ford I had been getting the last few times I was there.

So I made my way over to her house. Which she had moved from her old apartment to a much nicer place with a lot more room. Finding it really wasn't that hard. When I got there it was great to see her again. After a couple months of just typing on the computer and talking on the phone its nice to see each other in person again.

Well being a little tired we decided to take a quick nap as it was still quite early for her and for me too as I was running on no sleep at all. Soon we get up and decide what we want to do, because it was also the last day of her break from school. We decided to go do a little shopping and then catch a movie and grab dinner. So we head to the Flat Irons Mall in Boulder. We have a lot fun and just do some shopping around the mall. Soon we decide to go check on a movie. A new one that came out that weekend was "Game Plan" starring the Rock. It was a great movie with a lot of comedy. It was one of his better movies in a while. We get our tickets and then decide to get something to eat. Then go back to watch it where we both enjoyed it a lot.

On the way home we drive around and take a few pics. Then go back to her place and relax for the rest of the night. I manage to find the time to check some email. Then leave a message on the board that I made it safe to Denver and would be flying up to the convention on Thurs morning. Which this would prove to be very interesting later on as youíll read.

The next day Olivia my girlfriend also known as Lady Sarena around on some boards had to go back to work. So I take her to work and then do a little shopping of my own. While there I remembered I had to make a crazy tie for the convention. So this is where things got interesting. I went to the usual places and wondered what I could do. I brainstormed for a while and looked at ties they had for sale. Nothing impressed me, as I like to make an impression usually in a big way.

So I decided to start with a longer wider tie and I made it myself. I thought about making a floor length tie. But I bought some scrap black material at a local store that was perfect. Then worked on folding it and making it into looking like a tie. I found some nice iron on lettering that I later bought. But nothing really stood out on it. So the ideas to stand out started pouring into my head. What would make me stand out more then anyone else? The winner of the contest got their picture taken with Adrian. I've had my picture taken with him before, but not with just him and I. The one I had was an action pose of me on stage at the walkabout. (If any others exist. Please send them over. The ones of me on stage with Peter got lost then too.)

Soon the ideas hit me more and I gathered what all I needed through out the week while there in Denver to finish my tie. Some of which I had to wait to put on the tie till after I was through customs. I didn't want them thinking something was funny and throwing it away or taking it. But then after I came back to her place and hung around for a bit, I decided to check some emails. Why is it all the important things happen when you are not in a position to respond to stuff the best? I received an email from someone I had been waiting for several weeks to get.

Actually I was to receive a phone call back to which they kept delaying and telling me they would call back. Only for me to have to call in again when they didn't call back. But as usual the person in the email kept lying about stuff and had her facts so screwed up. She would make Jenna Jameson look like a saint and not a porn star. It was that screwed up. The things are still not solved with it in fact. But the email I got was hilarious and the details of it totally proved they knew nothing of what was going on. So I had to prove them wrong on it, provided proof and set things totally straight. To which they have no excuses for and it is quite obvious overall.

Shortly after I went and picked the GF up from work and we came home and chilled out watching the movie Vacancy on cable that night. Quite a strange movie overall but not bad. The next day, The GF had to go back to school. So I was ago to go as a guest. I had to check in at the front desk and they printed me out a temp badge. So I went to her first art class with her. It was a class on to help with the detail of the human form. Being an artist myself I really didn't mind attending the class. We looked at several pieces of artwork that the teacher wanted to show and discuss. He then wanted them to go out and find examples of motion with the body.

We then go out walking and looking around the area while looking for something to eat. It was a nice chance and a very nice day to do some sight seeing in downtown Denver. She wanted to show me this very unique building that had been built. I seen the building and my first instincts were WTF! It looked like a giant UFO landed in the middle of Denver. Here check the picture of it out yourself.

As you can see it is rather unique and really strange design. But it is definitely a real building. It is the Denver Art Museum. It is a strange design by an architect, who definitely had a sense of humor and artistic side to him. We then keep on walking and see the capitol and other places of interest.

Well eventually we go back to the school after walking around for a while. We meet up with my gf brother who was there at the college to get the schedule. They had brought Joey! Joey is going to be 2 at the end of the month. He is very smart and talented. He was into showing us his karate moves already. Here is a picture of him drawing with his aunt and my girlfriend. So yes one day down the road he could end up being my nephew. I hadn't seen Joey since March but he usually takes a minute to warm up. Then he is your best buddy.

She had to stay for another class but decided to skip it since I was there as it was just a language class. We decided to go have some more fun. Plus do a little more wandering around. We went to the Westminster mall and did some shopping there as well. I seen a nice jacket I plan on getting when I can. I already checked it out as the same store has them here. I had no way of getting it home from there as my bags were stuffed as it was. We just had so much fun running around and enjoying ourselves that night.

Wednesday my GF had to work again. I also had to get some things done and make sure everything was packed again. I got all the stuff to finish my tie and I also got a few emails from a couple people. I had sent out the email I had made it to Denver. I then found out that 3 other people were on the exact same flight as me up to Vancouver. RJ and his wife Karen from Cleveland were flying in Thurs morning and catching the flight as a connecting one. Also flying with us was Shawn from just south of Denver. It was the same flight and it was funny how we all were heading to the same thing. So I said we'd meet up at the gate. I told them to look for me in my Black Watcher Hat and Jacket.

The hat is something my GF had custom made for me for my birthday a couple years ago. So you know I love it. By the end of the day and everything I had started working on another computer she had that was not working. She thought it was the power supply. But the fans were not running. So I decided to go by a new fan. Which afterwards the fan did kick on but still didn't work. I told her what else she needed to try. But I think the processor in the thing might be fried or the motherboard. But when she got home. She let me wash my clothes and we got everything packed. We spent a nice night alone and talking. Had some fun and then I got a few hours of sleep as I had to be up at 6 am to head to the airport to catch my flight to Vancouver.

I wake up and take my car back and when I get to the airport I think wow what a trip already and it was only half over and look at all the fun and adventure I had. But it was really only just beginning. I got to the airport and got through security pretty easily. Then found my gate and everything. I sat there for a bit and then soon enough everyone was coming up saying hey to me. First one to show up was Shawn. He was a really nice guy and reminded me a bit of Sean Astin actually. I think he could actually work as a stunt double or stand in for the man.

The next to arrive was RJ and Karen. It was nice to meet them as well. We all got to talk and figured out where our seats were. I was in row 3, and they were in row 5 and Sean was in row 10. So it made it pretty easy when getting off the plane when we finally landed in Vancouver. The plane ride was not too bad. It was about 2 and half hours up to Vancouver from Denver. I had brought along my PSP and I sat and watched HL Endgame on the way to the HL convention.

This was my first plane trip to Vancouver and my first trip on a plane out of the country. I had been to Canada before but it was when I was younger and we drove to Niagara Falls. But that was a while back and a lot of things have changed. Not to mention it was on the opposite side of Canada as Vancouver is. I had gotten my passport a long while back. I had actually got it for another event that I was nearly going on like a trip to Lithuania but then didn't go. I'm actually glad I didn't go and be a part of that now in hindsight LOL.

We landed there in Vancouver and we made our way along the upper crosswalk of the airport. It led us to the customs area where they had to check things out and submit some forms. My first time doing something like that was rather interesting. They checked a few things out, asked a few questions and sent us on. So we all got through the checkpoints pretty easily and decided how we were going to get over to the Marriott hotel.

We had heard about a bus called the Airporter. It was a way to ride over to the hotel. It cost us like 13$ each to ride. Only after did we realize we should of gotten one of the bigger cabs and rode in it over to the hotel. But we had already gotten our tickets. Even the limos there for rent looked liked fun but I didn't catch how much they were. But hey, maybe next time when I go back to film something else. The only problem with the Air porter was it took forever for it to get there. Plus we had to transfer to a smaller bus to get over to the hotel which dropped us all off across the street at the Renaissance hotel.

So we arrive at the hotel finally, which was The Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown. As soon as we get to the hotel we start seeing people in jackets and people that look familiar. We each check in and decide to meet up later. I was rooming with a very nice lady named Jonor. Being so late in my registration I didn't know that I was going to find a roommate. But she had posted she needed a roommate and we worked it out. She had also let me know that on the first night. We were going ot have an extra roommate named Randi. Randi's roommate wasn't arriving till the next day and she needed it for the night. So it helped bring down the price of things for the night.

Soon after arriving I had to attend the volunteer meeting. I had offered to be a volunteer for the weekend. Granted I was one of the only guys at the con. But 3 of us were volunteers for the weekend. They were me, RJ, (who was just a husband), and then Arthur. Arthur was from Holland and is a very nice individual. That is the great thing about these conventions. They bring together people from all over the world for a common goal.

We talked about what was going to be going on and the volunteers had been picked for which parts they were needed for most of all. Me, I was just an extra helper with no real set duties other then to help out with questions and help when called upon. Usually it was to help move stuff. Which I really didn't mind doing. They gave us each and identifiable yellow scarf. Some of them used them at bandanas. Others put them around their necks. A few put them around their waste. Me I just put mine right on my upper bicep and arm and tied it around it.

So we got things all arranged of who needed to be where and they started putting together the bags. I did have to show off my muscles by helping lift a big box of them onto a rack. I also was told I was needed for a couple things at different times and to check in. Registration was to start later that night. So I decide to look around the hotel a little after getting everything arranged. I also went back up to my room. I had not got to meet my roommates yet. One had not arrived and the other was out sightseeing all day. So I get to look around the hotel just checking things out. It was a very nice hotel. The 2nd floor was an in between area that could only be reached by a separate elevator or by the main staircase. Walking around I kept running into people I knew and seen other places. Remembering names and faces was rough. I know how the stars sometimes feel when they knew the fans but forget their names. I had several recognize me from other conventions too. I also had several just ask me if I was Matthew. I said yes and introduced myself to all sorts of people who I knew by names on boards and others I didn't know but was pleased to meet for the first time.

Soon registration started that evening. I was able to get through pretty quickly as I was part of the non-preferred seating and higher registration numbers. They gave us our tickets for the concert and tickets for the sword fight class in the morning. Getting our bags with all the information and schedules for what was planned. Plus out handbook. While standing there for registration I was finally able to meet up with my roommate Jonor too.

The sword fight class was the main thing I actually wanted to go to the convention for. It was a fight class with F Braun McAsh. I love doing stuff like that as everyone knows. Plus it is something I can add on my resume. It was one deciding factor in me going. As it was announced it was open just days before my schedule worked out and i was able to go. Later that night was the Fan meet and Greet. Which was held in the entrance to the main ballroom directly up the stairs. It was closed off from the rest of the room by the divider to make things a little smaller as thing were still being set up in the other part with the main stage. But it would later be opened up and closed throughout the weekend.

I met up with several of the Adrian Angel's there at the Fan M&G. They are a fun bunch of ladies to hang out with. They also were suppose to be keeping me out of trouble for the weekend. But like usual were always looking for ways to get me into more. Gail, Karen and Carmen were there and I sat with them while Carmel had an informal opening. It was just a chance to have fun.

One thing that was on every one of the tables was a nice quiz. Everyone started filling them out. I grabbed one to look at it and just had to smile and put it back down. They asked me why I wasn't filling it out. I said well that would be cheating with a smile. They soon asked why and I have to tell them because it was my quiz. I had made it and wrote out all the questions and knew them. I had been asked by Judes to write a quiz several weeks before. That is what it was used for. So I didn't fill one out and had to refuse to help them on it. Which got to be quite funny and yes I do know how to keep my mouth shut. LOL

A few tried to bribe me but I didn't crack. Gail got to teasing me saying my name should start with a K for that torture. But it just goes with the fun had by all. By the end of the evening a lot of fun was all around and met with a lot of people. We also found out where Elaine was. Apparently she had a near death experience. They said her plane had nearly crashed into another plane that was still on the runway and had to circle around and missed her connection. So she was late getting there. Our other roommate Randi also showed up and I introduced her to Jonor after I ran some stuff to the room. We both went back down there.

As we were talking and standing outside the room something happened that still stands out. It was one of those moments you just see it happen and nothing you could do to stop it. I was standing there, talking and one of the nice ladies on the hlww committee. Karen S had fell. She uses a rolling walker to help get around. I was standing a good 35 feet from her as she was walking and I seen her fall to the floor.

So it was Matthew to the rescue. I rushed over to her as quickly as I could and made sure she was ok. Others seen me take off running over to her and quickly followed. We all made sure she was ok. She said she was trying to rush and fell. I helped her up to her feet and we stood there for a moment. I felt so bad for her as I could tell she was a bit nervous but I was just glad that she was ok.

I was glad to be able to be in the spot to help her at the moment I was. It gave me a bit of a feeling like I did something good for the evening and for someone in need. Things quickly wound down for the evening and people hung out in the bar for a while before heading to bed, as I needed some sleep. So I went up and planned on sleeping on the floor and letting the two ladies have the beds. But they insisted I take one of them and they share the others.

Soon the morning came rather quickly in getting up at 6 am. The Sword class was to start at 9 am. So we all woke up then and got ready. I was going to the sword class and we all were headed to Academy Duello. F Braun met us in the lobby of the hotel. We had a nice 10-block walk directly down the street from the hotel to the training facility. While there I realized I had forgotten my camera in the hotel room. Wanting to kick myself and not having time to run back I asked Karen from the plane ride who was also taking class to take a picture for me after. (Which she provided these pictures I have added inside the Academy Duello and Thanks to her for letting me use them.) We get a nice informative walk with F Braun talking all the while going there.

We get there at the place and it was on the second floor. We all had a look around at everything there. There were Swords all around. Rapiers lining the walls and you could tell it was an actual training facility with a wooden floor. F Braun is explaining things. He then tells us about some of his experiences there and what the place is used for.

As the class it about to begin we then find out that the sword class was going to be a knife fighting class. He is going to teach us about knife fighting in a hand-to-hand situation. As much as I wanted it to be swords I also didn't mind it being with a knife. It was something that I personally have never really done much of surprisingly. So it was quite fun. It was like a self-defense course in knife fighting.

He went over first how to properly hold the knife and how best to stand. There were only a couple guys in the class, which F Braun would use to demonstrate a lot of stuff with the guys to show everyone. I didn't mind to help out and was used a couple times and I know the other guys liked it as well.

I also was able to get a rather unique way of doing things for the class. F Braun was showing everything with his right hand. Which is how I watched and learned how to do it all. I was partnered with Karen and she was Left-handed. Just like I am also left handed on a lot of stuff. I am use to using swords and stuff with my right hand though. So it was rather easy for me to reverse it and use things with my left hand. I was able to work out both ways of doing the moves. Because like F. Braun talked about, If you are in a fight and you main hand gets cut you can't exactly said I wish I had learned to use it with my other hand.

But class lasted all morning and we went over several moves and techniques. Some of us had rubber knifes. Some of us had wooden knifes and all sorts of things to simulate a knife. But it was also so nobody would get hurt while sparring. We also switched a few times so we all got the feel of several different styles they were designed to simulate. Overall it was a great class and I enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone.

They also invited us all back anytime we were in town for a free sword lesson. Which if I am in town I definitely taking that up. All these Photos of the Academy were taken by Karen C. She gave me permission to use them here. So you must ask her if you want to use them.

Shortly after noon on Friday, We wrapped up and headed back to the Marriott. Along the way we got more talk from F Braun and learned about different things going on along the way and what was up with him.

As we got back to the hotel the different fan sessions were wrapping up. I began looking around and peeked in on the Fan Kata class that Elizabeth Gracen was holding. It was still going on. Jonor had attended it that morning and she said it was a really nice class but she was going to be sore.

They also were making their crazy ties there at the con during this time. This is why I made mine and brought it. Because I was going to be at the sword class an no time to work on it. I did need to borrow a pair of scissors to cut something for mine. Which I borrowed a pair and then brought it back really quickly.
It was lunchtime and a quick lunch it was. But by then it was almost time to go to the official opening of the con. I checked in with what I needed to in the dealers room and was told it was slow so I wasn't needed to help with anything. So I go out and wait for the non-preferred seating. All the preferred seating was allowed I early and then general seating was allowed to take any other spot that wasn't moved or reserved by a number. I managed to get in the third row on the left side. It was a really nice view for things. Plus I was by friends that were close as well.

I had several of the Angels in front of me. Including Elaine, Nora and Jubie and then Randi was to my right. With Laurene behind me and a few other new friends I made close there too. It was a nice spot actually. I was quite surprized. Soon enough Carmel comes out and starts talking after several onscreen things and intros.

She tells us a few things that will be going on. We learned that Lee Moder was ill and wasn't going to make it. She brings out all of the guest that were there at the time. Then the host takes over and the first guess is Brandon Jerwa and David Abramowitz. They start talking about the comic book and what lies ahead with it. Brandon said he was done after the 12th issue. But there were plans to continue with other parts to the comics. Even a Kurgan series is possible and in the works.

Next up was F Braun McAsh. Who came out and talked about some of his experiences on the set as well as different things going on with him. Always a nice guy and definitely someone who knows what he is talking about when it comes to swords.

The next people out were Donna Lettow, Joined by David Abramowitz. Gillian Horvath was running a bit behind and soon showed up. They began talking about the writing of the show. How certain things affect other things. Plus how they would write something and get different ideas involving them all together and working out all sorts of things among them. Then they told us how the writing would then be approved and any changes made. Sometimes having to rewrite things at the very last moment. It was nice to see Donna and Gillian back at a con but as always David was great.

Shortly after this was over we broke for the evening. It was so everyone could prepare for the Guest of Honor meet and Greet. All the stars were going to join the guest who paid to get into the event. It was limited to a select amount of people. I had to register late because of my schedule conflicts. So I wasn't lucky enough to get in on any of the guest meet and greet as it was sold out. But this did give me time to put the finishing touches on my tie.

Like always I tend to like to make an entrance or at least make an impression. As I talked about earlier my tie was something different. I had the black tie with the blue letters on it that said "Crazy Tie" The letters was going a lot of directions. But one thing I added to it that really made it stand out was the Blue Glow Sticks. I had bought several glow necklace bracelets and looped them around the tie so they hung onto it.

They definitely made me stand out now.. But that wasn't the only thing my crazy tie had to it. My tie also played music. I took apart a greeting card with sound and took out the music player. Then fixed it to the back of the tie. So needless to say it was going to make an impression one way or another.

I finished it up and went down towards the meeting hall. Where they were still finishing up the Guest Meet and Greet. I had others in the hallway commenting on how they liked it and everything. It was definitely different. Soon they let us into the room with the others. I quickly sat down with the Angels who had ties on as well. Before long Adrian was there and was judging all the crazy ties everyone had on. He was quite enjoying it all. Soon enough he got down to me.

His words were like whoa psychedelic. And I had my hand on the back of it ready to play the music. He then seen me and jumped back and was like whoa does that do something. I said yes and played the music. He came over and heard it. Then he wanted a microphone. He held the microphone up to my tie and played the music over everything. The music card I had chosen was to the tune of "Play that Funky Music" Which he found funny and like. He also did a little bit of a dance and said he liked my tie. He kept on moving down the line and there were all sorts of ties. Several of them very funny but it was all for fun and enjoyment. I didn't care about winning as mostly just having fun and standing out. Which I accomplished that.

Adrian then had to choose a winner. He said he was going to choose 5 people out and he was standing in front of me when he did this. Then someone grabbed him to tell him something. I don't exactly know what was said. But I did hear a bit of it. He then chose 5 people. I didn't make it. Which a lot of people later told me I deserved to be in the 5 as mine was great. But it was more I didn't mind it that I wasn't. I made the impression that I wanted too overall.

He chose a tie that had a lot of work put into it I will admit. I was happy to see it win and everything. And I know the lady who made it was very happy to have won the picture with Adrian. I've had my picture with Adrian Before so I was perfectly ok with not winning. LOL People say I win enough as it is anyway. Thatís why they sometimes call me Mr. Lucky. But after the winner was chosen. Adrian wanted to announce something. He had a little video about what his charity is going to be doing in the coming months.

He also revealed the New Peace Fund Logo. Which is very nice. He had a shirt and button of it as well. You can check the website in the coming days for news of what is going to happen. But it sounds very promising.

Adrian was on stage talking and then Elizabeth shouted over for him to come on and go to dinner. He said he was a bit busy. It was like a joke or so it seemed and they played off each other and Adrian said to bring him back something.

They called everyone with a tie on stage to get a picture and also they were filming what was going on with the peacefund stuff. Being a long time member of APFC and a supporter of the Peace fund I was happy to say I helped in making a crazy tie and whatever they do with stuff.

(Photos of my Tie and The group photos were taken by Karen C and Karen H. Thanks for letting me use them.)

We got to clowning around on stage a bit. We took a picture together and then a funny picture. The taller guys were in the back. So I was standing next to Adrian. He was giving the kid in front of him bunny ears. Giving his usual Peace Sign. But needless to say there was someone giving him some too. -Whistling innocently-

By the end of the night it all ended up in the bar like usual. I was sitting there with the Angels in my glowing tie and they were teasing me like usual trying to make me blush. Talking about everything under the sun. They were trying to get me to take up being a stripper. They wanted me to wear a kilt, my glowing tie, spandex shorts and then strip dance. Also at one point they wanted me to table dance and use my yellow scarf as only underwear. Gail was trying everything though.

The ladies were having the guys at the next table checking them out and they also checked out Carol as she came over and was bent over the table talking. Not being a drinker I didn't do much. As we were sitting there we had seen Adrian and Elizabeth coming back from going out to eat. We walked out of the bar and Adrian was walking by me. I jumped to the side and screamed a bit as a little joke and then we laughed. We sat over on the couch and Adrian and Liz went up and came back down. Something was wrong and they had to get it fixed. So we said hey to them and stuff again.

But by then it was really late and I was headed to bed. Another long fun filled day was ahead of things. I went up and the roommate had just got back too. So we crashed I know she was talking but was so tired I think I was saying "uh huh and yep" as I drifted off to sleep.

Soon enough the few short hours of sleep were over as 7am came quickly. So it was Saturday morning. I went and grabbed something really quick for breakfast. Then went back to where things were to start for the morning in the main ballroom. I stopped in and looked at the dealerís room. Checking out the stuff for sale and the silent auction. By then it was time to go sit down in the seat. I was able to get the same seat I had the day before.

First up for the morning was to be David Abramowitz and Ken Gord. They start discussing what went on from the time the writing was done and then things were then given to Ken to make it all happen. David also began to speak about the new Video game they are working on. Peter will be doing some Voice overs as Methos will be training and leading you through the game as you plat the charactor of Owen MacLeod. Here are a couple screenshot of the game.

Ken basically talked about him having to look at the script and see what needed to be done for the sets and work everything out while theyíre in Vancouver. He had to arrange most everything within budget and get it all worked out for the story. Shortly after it was time for them to go.

The next guest was to be Adrian himself. Adrian came out to a flurry of flashing bulbs. He talked about him in his movies and what he has planned. He is going to be working on a movie called Capt drake soon enough and this was announced on his website as we knew. He was having a lot of fun. Then before long the time had come and Elizabeth joined Adrian on stage.

They talked about what was up with each other. Then talked about their characters. Shortly after Adrian had to leave for a bit. Elizabeth stayed and talked about things for a while.

She was saying how she enjoyed being a mother now. That it takes up all her time and she was done with her acting. She also started reading a bit from her witchesí cookbook that she brought out to share. She soon left the stage. After a while someone else had to make his or her arrival. It was none other then Peter Wingfield himself.

He was having fun like usual. Telling how the spent the morning with his Son. Doing a little swimming and relaxing in the spa. He had a lot of news saying he was going to be filming and episode of 24 soon. He had talked about his filming had wrapped on his previous TV show Holby city. He was a class act like usual and definitely a favorite. By this time things were getting late and the next guest was suppose to be Jim Byrnes. He however was running late and they had to extend times and stall a bit. So they sent Elizabeth back out on stage with Peter to talk about more stuff. Peter jokingly called Jim on the cell phone and asked him where he was. While we was all listening. We took a quick minute break. Then it was going to be a discussion about the source.

Jim finally arrived but had missed his individual session. It was time for the Source part. Adrian, Peter, and David were all joined by Jim o stage to talk about it. They were explaining that pretty much the source was Bill Panzers idea. None of them really liked how it turned out. There was a mix up in the scripts.

Adrian had said he wasn't going to sign off on anything till he knew that David was on board. It was also what the people wanted things to go. It was just a total mess all around from the sounds of it. One thing went bad and it was a snowball effect downhill of how things ended up. Adrian had been told the script was something else and he signed off on it and ok'ed it and then ended up it wasn't the right one. Then David had to fix it if he could and everything else was a big mess.

After this was over we all broke for lunch. this is where the first 150 people who register were able to get autographs. They set up a line and had people going through for things. Me I was still at the end of things so I didn't have to worry. I was able to go out and grab something to eat for lunch. When coming back from lunch I found out that at the end of the line they let a lot of the volunteers go in and get their yellow scarves signed. But by the time I got there. A lot of the stars had already gone. So I just waited for now.

We went back into the stage area and next up were David Lizzie, Ken, Gillian and Donna talking about women in Highlander. They were talking about the different women immortals and how things with. Giving incite into the different aspects. The writers giving information about them and then talking about what needed to be done for each and then Lizzie telling what it was like to act and do it all.

By this time we found out we were going to have a very special guest. It was none other then Peter Davis himself. He wanted to come and speak to the fans. He brought along a video he had made with a special tribute to Bill Panzer. He talked about how things got started and how they worked together for so long. Then we watched the video. A free copy of the video was given to everyone if they wanted it. I did grab one up.

Now it was time for another break, because everyone had to set up for the concert that was going on later that night. Plus this also gave people a chance to go relax for a bit. Grab something to eat if needed and change.

I was wondering around for a little bit. And was told that the hotel would give you a complementary 15 mins in the business center on the hotel computers. This was nice but it only allowed you to check things really quickly. So I head down to check things out. I start walking over toward the room and I hear Nancye. Yell over to me. She is like Hey Matthew. I'm like hey. She then is like "Hey Matthew don't go in there." I was like what? For a moment I thought she had lost her mind or she was joking around. She was still saying donít go in there. I was like um something wrong? She then was like Peter is in there. I turned around really quickly and seen Peter Wingfield sitting in the business center. He was using the computers. I was like OHH! Then realized that was why. So I took a seat and waited for him to get done.

When he was done he came out and I stood up. He started walking and came right over towards me smiling. So I said hey to him and asked him in he remembered me from the walkabout. He was like oh yes I remember. He asked me what I had been up too. I told him all about my experiences and being an actor now. I told him about my film that is coming out at the end of the week. Plus other stuff I have been doing. He was quite impressed by his reaction. He had to run off to prepared for the concert and I went in to check what I needed before the concert.

Everyone usually dresses up a bit for the concert. I went back up to my room and got dressed. It is not required to dress up but usually a lot do. And no we aren't meaning formal ties. Just a dressy casual is usually good. I wore a blue shirt with black dress pants and looked really good in it too. But I couldn't take pictures of things because there were no cameras allowed.

The concert came around and everyone showed up. To start off the show there was several things going on. A lot of comedy scripts and parodies were done. Peter did some poetry reading. So did Gillian. F Braun did a comedy routine himself. David A had written a short script for Adrian and Lizzie to act out in front of us. It was about the reunion of Duncan and Amanda. A meet up about how they both loved each other. They avoided things a bit and started to go their separate ways only to be brought back together by the Tango and did a dance on stage and then exited.

Soon after all of this Jim Byrnes and his trio band came out. David Abromowitz joined him on stage for song. As well as couple others. They were playing all sorts of blues music from their album. Even some new stuff they are working on. It was a great time all around and great music. Even David Abramowitz was excited and yelling about things. It was very special to see everyone having fun. The night also ended up in the bar with a very late night well past midnight. But with my eyes getting heavy from everything I had been doing. I soon took my leave and went up to catch some sleep.

Then came Sunday Morning, Same time at 6 am once again. It is no wonder I slept so late these last few days while home. The morning started out just as any other usually finding something for breakfast. I decided to run over to Starbucks for a Glass of milk and Slice of Banana bread. As I was coming down the Elevator I stopped on the 3rd floor to check on things. When I walked out of the Elevator I ran into Peter Wingfield again. I could tell he had a late night, as he looked half asleep as I did. We both said hey and kept on going.

I stopped in the dealerís room to check a few things out plus to check in and see if they needed my help for anything. I was looking around. As several know and other found out over the weekend the HLBB and I have been having a lot of problems. It has also gotten so bad the president of Davis Merchandising has been involved. It mainly involves their lackluster bulletin board and all the harassment that goes on there. Plus many lies by their moderators which they have been caught in and have no excuses for now. Iím also happy to announce I am no longer going to be a member there for a good long while. But no surprise as many know how pathetic that place is and how people can be treated. But many asked me what was going on at the con and Iíll be happy to inform others of what is going on.

But back to what was going on at the con. While in the dealer room, the HLBB had stuff to sell they made. I was there looking at other stuff and the one girl who I knew as Shy German on the board seen I didnít have an HLBB button. They gave them out in every bag. I just decided not to wear mine for the reasons I had. I definitely wasnít going to promote that board and the lying and backstabbing that goes on there. I had to decline taking it. No offense to her as she was a very nice girl. But with things going on at the HLBB, I said I wasnít a member of there any longer and couldnít accept it. I would have been tempted to take it out and set fire to it and wear a burnt version of it. But Iím a professional person and was avoiding things with it the entire weekend. Things were very tense with it all weekend, as I had received threats from some members that I was going to be jumped at the convention. Nothing actually went on though. Guess they didn't have the guts after all.

To start off the events this morning was a discussion between Adrian, Jim and Peter. They were discussing the relationship of Immortal and Watcher. What it was like to be Watched and the one doing the Watching. While sitting there some of the ladies in front of me were talking about something. They were shaking their heads about it and sort of giggling about it as well. One turned around and asked me to do them a favor. They said a guy needed to be the one to do it. At this point I thought umm ok now what. Well Apparently Mosby was having a small technical difficulty. He had forgot to button his fly shut or the buttons were broken. So they wanted me to let him know. It was only appropriate for the host to look presentable.

It is really no secret that John and I have never really exactly gotten along to well, as many know. Especially after all the stuff that has recently went on at the HLBB. Tensions were already high enough for the entire weekend with several members of that board and everything. But I could have been a real jerk about it and announced it over the microphone. But I was only a few feet from him. While they were talking I got up and stepped to the side and whispered for John to come over there. I got a demanding what? Out of him. So I informed him that the ladies would like him to button his fly and he quickly turned around and then back pulling his shirt down in front a bit over it. I sat back down and let them know I did it. They told me thanks and said it was not something they wanted to do and a guy needed too. All the while it was still funny I have to admit.

Time was running late. So next up was the auction. We had a short break while things were set up. I stood up to stretch a bit and Arthur came and got me. He said they needed help moving a table onto the stage. So we followed one of the people behind the curtain to help carry out the tables with the auction merchandise on it. When going back there, I had seen Adrian and Jim sitting talking about stuff. I think they were a bit surprized at first but then seen what we were doing. We also didnít want to hit them when moving the tables onto the stage. There were two tables to move and we got them up really easily. So it was time for the auction.

If nobody has ever been to a convention auction, you have no idea what to expect and it is usually one of the most hilarious things that happen the entire weekend. Which this one was no different and didnít disappoint anyone. There were points that people were laughing so hard that I nearly passed out from things going on. The very first item was Adrianís Camera he used for the weekend and it went for 5000$. Adrian and Peter on stage doing things to up the bid are usually quite comical. There is usually almost anything these guys will do to up the bid. It all ranged from doing stupid tricks on stage, to rubbing it on them, to just general hilarious stuff. Several times they offered pictures with the buyer.

They were strutting across the stage several times and more. Each trying to out Do the other, just to get the bids up higher. After a while Lizzie soon joined Adrian and Peter on stage. She was auctioning off some stuff that she had brought and then Jim joined her in auctioning things. This also gave time for Adrian and Peter to go change. Adrian and Peter were asked to wear the outfits they wore in the Source. They were going to sell off each piece. They hit the stage to the tune of Princes of the Universe and started moving around showing off. Then Bidding began on items going back and forth between each other. I know Cara was happy that she got a picture with Adrian and Peter.

It was about this time, that something went on and Adrian promised to do something if the bid got high enough. The bid got up there and Adrian said ok. So Adrian grabs the sword they were auctioning off later. He said this really wasnít the right sword to be using, as he wasnít use to it. It was the sword that the try to pass off as Duncanís Official sword. But everyone knows Duncan used the Sword of the Dragon in the series. Which has a much smoother grip to it. This sword he was using on stage was the one with the dragon curling down the handle. I call it the Sword of Matthew MacLeod. Because that is the sword I use in my Fan films for my character of Matthew. I like it. But like usual if you practice with something you get use to it.

Adrian said he wasnít use to it and never really liked the sword to begin with and never used it on the series because of the grip. He said it never fit him. Well this was a big mistake on his part. He started into a Kata form with the sword while Spinning and flipping the sword around on stage. Well No sooner had he flipped it behind his back. He brought it around and lost his grip on it. It went flying into the audience. All you heard was a loud thunk and a lot of gasps. I stood up immediately I thought someone had to be hurt with a blade flying into the audience. I didnít know what was going to go on. The sword had gone flying into the audience and the handle had his Sue in the face.

Luckily Sue had her Camera up in front of her. She was a member of the HLWW committee and had been watching Adrian several times over the weekend. Her camera had taken most of it and knocked it back into her. She escaped with only a small cut on her nose. Which Adrian was totally shocked and was like I could have killed you. It was a tension fill situation for a moment.

But things continued. Adrian was a bit calmer after that and not so enthusiastic as he was before. You could really tell he felt bad about the whole situation and everything that had went on. After a short while things seemed to lighten up more and more. . It helped with they auctioned off the sword when Peter took the sword from Adrian and said maybe I better do this. Then made a few jokes about young Immortals and stuff. Randi had bid on a note from Adrian where he would write her a special note. Randi also donated a good amount to charity, which Adrian was very happy about.

But things got even more exciting when two people were bidding over the chairs that the people in stage had been sitting in. One guy said he would pay 500 more then the bid already was if he got a picture with Adrian, Peter and Jim while sitting in the chair. Peter said ok stop right now and said get Jim down here immediately. He had gone back to the Green room to relax. Well when he got there. F Braun had showed up along with Lizzie and the rest. The look on F Braunís face was priceless. He came out and looked at Adrian after he heard what had gone on. It was really a good example of how things can go back and safety is a must. It is why live blades are dangerous. But end the end alot of money was raised for the Peacefund

But the auction finished up shortly after as things were running a lot longer then they had planned. They decided to break for a quick lunch and then do the closing ceremony. Many had to pay for their items and things.

Like usual the closing ceremony consisted of a toast and passing out special gifts to the guest of honor. They went through one by one and gave out something special. Then closed down the con. It was a wild weekend. But it wasnít quite over yet. They had decided to give out the rest of autographs to people who didnít get them. I was told I could have two things autographed, One being my yellow volunteer scarf. I could of bought pictures to autograph like several others. But I already have some autographed pictures. So I just got my booklet signed by them. I was happy to be in the front of the line I was glad someone saved the space for me when I ran up to my room when I found out I could get two things rather then one. They had said Peter was only going to be there for a short while, as he had to run off and leave. He was catching his flight to LA where he was going to be filming his episode of 24.

So we wait there for a moment and then they let us in to sit while the guest came in. I soon got there and gave them my stuff to autograph and talked to each of them for a moment. I told Peter thanks for coming and everything. Next was Adrian. I told him I had been asked to give him a couple special messages. I gave him the messages from Renate and Silvana, two friends who couldnít make it but really wanted too. He thanked me. I also let Adrian know about what was happening with me. I let him know that my movie I was in was coming out on Friday the 12th. I shook his hand and told him thanks for everything. Elizabeth had heard it as well as she was sitting next to Adrian signing in line. She said that is great also. I slowly went down the line of people getting autographs. I talked to David and Jim and let them know about it as well and what they inspired in me.

Because without Highlander and sword I would never have been asked to do that first movie for a friend of mine. I would never known or gotten my start. It came full circle and they were part of the reason for it. Jim Byrnes asks what it was and he said he loved baseball and definitely was going to see it. Same with several of the others and I also let them know about me having the background extra part in the new batman. It was a great feeling and experience to tell the people you have admired for so long about what you have accomplished. Gillian and Donna were both surprized. Gillian asked me if I lived in Vancouver but I had to tell her no. She is working on Flash Gordon now. But I like to earn what I get and would never use that as an excuse. I soon got all the autographs of everyone there, Except Ken Gord as he had left. I did get to talk to him earlier and let him know things too. He was quite impressed and shocked as well. Ken was still rather shocked that Highlander had become something that had stuck with so many people for so long.

Soon enough things had to come to an end. Peter had to run and he said to see everyone in Vegas next year. The PWFC is having their club gathering there next year. Which is something I might look into going just for fun when I get the membership. But weíll see how my schedule is on that later. Everyone started saying goodbyes and stuff. The con was over as far as events. But several of the people were going on the after Tour of Vancouver. I didnít have the time to spend an extra week in Vancouver as I have been very busy and the week is very busy for me as it is. I am typing this all in my spare time. As I was waiting there and looking around, I went back over towards the Elevators. Jim was there by them and I asked for a quick picture with him. He said of course and gave me a picture and said he was definitely going to check out the baseball movie. I also heard Adrian slip into the elevator behind us. So we gave them a chance to go up without people hanging on them. Several of us decided we were going to go out to eat later in the evening. I took the chance to go grab my video camera and came back down to have some fun.

I began video taping several people and more. I got a nice funny video of F.Braun walking and he was goofing around too as he comes walking straight at me all the while looking directly into my camera. Iíll have to see about posting it some time. But things were rather relaxing after that. I took some more video and then went back up to the room. Then back down. I went over and talked to some people who were leaving and then others they were getting ready for the tour in the lobby. I ended up in the bar for a bit where F Braun was and several others were. He was still talking and said he was going to be leaving before long. Soon enough David Abramowitz walked in and said he was so excited how the weekend went and enjoyed it all. Said he definitely enjoyed it all and loved how the atmosphere of a big family everything was. Like a big family reunion and it was actually.

Shortly after all the people going on the tour left. We got together to go out to eat. There were 6 of us that went out. We wanted to go out to a nice dinner. We went walking out along the streets of Vancouver in a small group. We ended up at a place called the Savory Coast. A really nice restaurant that was very professional and upscale. We started ordering and looking at the menu. I ordered a nice NY strip loin steak. It was very good. We all talked about the con and what we enjoyed and everything about it. We shared our stories and more. It was a very nice evening. That was a great pleasure to spend with those who went. We all went back to the hotel and met up with the people who got back from the tour for the night.

Several of us ended up in the bar again talking about things for the rest of the night. But as several pointed out I was falling asleep and I said my goodnights and wished everyone good luck with everything and have a safe trip home. I went up to my room after stopping to say goodbye to some friends who were going. I had gotten everything packed and was ready to get up get dressed and head to the lobby.

Morning came quickly enough. My roommate and me got up and got ready. We went down the lobby to check out. Everyone was coming down. Several were checking out. Others were getting ready for the tour that morning. But it was a packed lobby. Everyone was taking pictures and everyone was saying their goodbyes. The Angels came down and they wanted a group picture with me like usual.

It was something started in L.A. at the walkabout. They gathered around me on the bed. They were wanting me to tell Adrian I had his Angels in bed before him. I said my goodbyes with all of them.

I also said goodbye to others around. All the new friends I met and all the old ones I got re-acquainted with.

The weekend was grand and the convention another great adventure. I had several people saying they would meet us in the lobby to catch a ride back to the airport with. Shawn and my roommate were going. Others that were going didnít seem to show up. If there was a mix up I am sorry for that for anyone else and apologize.

Everyone was there for the tour waiting on the bus to go. I said my goodbyes to everyone. When someone popped out from the elevator with a smile on his face. I couldnít resist it and walked over to him. It was Adrian. I told him that we had never gotten a good picture together in all the times we had been around. So I asked if we could get one. He said he didnít want to break protocol. But then someone told him it was ok. I couldnít pass up the opportunity. It made the whole weekend worth it all.

Shortly after it was time to go. Everyone loaded into the bus for the tour and everyone else there had said last goodbyes. We waited for any last ones to show for a bit. Then signaled the people we needed to get a taxi. Which the concierge group at the hotel got us one rather quickly. Adrian was sitting in a car with Carmel and we walked out right in front of them. They were getting ready to follow the bus.

We loaded everything in the back of the Taxi and waved goodbye to everyone. I gave one last wave over to Adrian and got into the Taxi and we left. The taxi ride back to the airport was much nicer then the bus we took to get there. It was a lot faster as well. Shawn and myself were in the backseat and it was a much better way to go. We got to the airport really quickly and got out and said our goodbyes to Jonor who rode too.

Shawn and me were on the same plane back to Denver. It was really quite funny that him and me had flown up together without knowing and then were flying back on the same flight. It worked out really nice and helped pass the time with someone to talk to about things. We go in and check in at our airline. Then we have to get back through customs. We do it fairly easy and they wanted to check my laptop at the security point. Which wasnít anything new. We got through it and found our gate.

When we was inside there. There were two others from the convention already sitting there. They were just relaxing. So we sat down and all started talking. Jonor also found her way over where we were. She had another air carrier she was flying on though. Then another con member showed up. So it was like a small mini gathering there in the airport. And what would be a Gathering without guest or two. We then saw Gillian and Donna there as well. They were browsing the guest shop and waved over at us as they were headed to their terminal. But we werenít done. Lizzie was on her way home as well and was walking by. We yelled over to her and waved goodbye to her too.

Soon enough we were getting ready to leave. So we all said goodbye. Shawn and myself boarded the plane and we left and flew back to Denver. Shawnís wife was picking him up. Me I had to go back to theyíre before heading home to Indy. I had a short layover and then was on my way back home again to Indiana. I arrived back home just before midnight. The lady next to me on the plane was talking about everything. She was from a city that is very close to me too. She was telling me how she was visiting her son who was in the air force. She even asked for my autograph after I told her I was an actor. She was telling me she could understand what it was like to accomplish something like I had. She had just overcome breast cancer and was doing well in things.

We were the last two people off the plane. When I was leaving. I had seen the lady hugging her husband who was waiting along with the person there to pick me up. It was great to be home and wow what a trip it was as you can read from my extremely long adventure. I got home and crashed. Then realized the week isnít over yet and a lot more stuff is going to be beginning. But going to the convention was a great experience and something special for everyone.